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Taking you from lost and overwhelmed to feeling financial ease


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Are ya...


- feeling totally lost when it comes to why you should invest?

- wanting to feel confident about your financial future?

- ready to put your money to work for you but you have no idea how?


If any (or many) of these apply to you, the Queer Investors Program is for YOU

The Queer Investors Program is designed to help you go from feeling overwhelmed to having a step-by-step money plan catered to your individual needs and goals. 

Through my proven framework and personalized coaching inside our tight knit community, you will be supported every step of the way in creating a personalized money management plan and investing map for your present and future self. 

The Queer Investors Program combines a comprehensive self-paced personal finance course that will take the guesswork out of investing and saving for your big goals, along with a transformative 12-week community coaching program so I am personally there with you to help you build something completely unique to you and your life.

The time is now to take charge of your finances.



But you don't have to do it alone, you can have support and community in the QIP  

Join by September 14th and get two bonuses valued at $300

Get an additional month of group coaching for a total of four months of weekly live access to get Ada's help and coaching AND TWO 1-hour one on one coaching calls with Ada for FREE (to be used within the first 4 months).










The Queer Investors Program is the resource I wish I had ten years ago

I created this program because when I was in the throes of trying to change my financial ways, I was overwhelmed with information and didn’t know where I should be looking or how I should proceed. 

I’ve spent nearly a decade distilling knowledge to help you make a simple and effective money management system to take care of present-you, near future-you, and retirement-you.

"Ada provides a brand of non-judgmental, values-driven support and guidance that is rarely found in financial education.


Their approach empowers you to plan for the financial future in a way that’s right for your values and goals, all while experiencing the delight of their coaching style.


I cannot recommend their sessions enough."

Piper S.


Do any of these sound familiar?

I want to help

Time for your 

financial glow up


The Queer Investors Program will help you overcome mindset blocks around money stopping you from owning your financial power and planning - while also creating a foundational money plan that can grow and evolve with your life.

Become a financial badass

You’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need and I’ll be there for you to lean on every step of the way.

But ultimately it will be YOU taking action and that’s the most badass part of all! 

You’ll be able to bask in your own power and know how exactly to take charge of your money.


Hear from my coaching client Jen, about her experience in the Queer Investors Program:



$597 total

Split over 3 months at $199 per month for access

  • Move at your own pace
  • Plenty of opportunities to get personalized coaching
  • Be in community as you grow
  • The accountability you need to tend to your finances
  • And the ease of always being able to show up as yourself

Queer Investors Program: self-paced course + 12 weeks of group coaching


 Self paced course: 

Take the guesswork and overwhelm out of saving and investing with click-by-click visual tutorials to walk you through automating your finances

  • Short, easy to digest lessons
  • Clearly outlined steps
  • Fillable workbook with key points outlined in editable Google doc format

Personalized Queer Community Coaching:

Get personalized support in community, ask questions, and receive coaching to help you through every step of the process. 

  • Over 12 hours of live community coaching where you can have plenty of time to ask Ada questions and learn from other people’s journeys
    • Alternating schedule every other week between Tuesdays at 6pm CT and Fridays at 12pm CT for 12 weeks included in your course purchase
    • Additional individual coaching sessions available for purchase at special prices exclusively for those who purchase the course

Ultimately you are the best person to look out for future you, but you don't have to go it alone

It's true, you, in this very moment, are the best person to take care of your financial present and future, but you don't have to go it alone.

It is my ultimate passion to help you through this journey of financial education and empowerment and seeing you thrive as you learn how to tend to every aspect of your money brings me immense joy.

I will be there for you and so will the community.

Join the Queer Investors Program and don't spend another minute worrying about money.

So excited to meet you!

Ada Vargas (they/them) - Founder of Queer Futures Finance


Join the Queer Investors Program

While the Ada and the Queer Investors Program don’t provide financial advice, they provide something even more powerful: 

Financial education, guiding you to take your power in your finances, and supporting you as you take action on your learnings to help you thrive financially!

The Queer Investors Program and all Queer Futures Finance products are for educational purposes only and are not financial advice or a promise of future results as all investing comes with inherent risk. 

For specific financial advice, talk to a financial advisor.